My Liquid Rhinoplasty Experience

Last week, I uploaded a picture of my side profile on Instagram. Doesn’t really seem like a big deal, does it? To me it was. Because it’s an angle I’ve dreaded for as long as I can remember. And finally, I don’t anymore.

To put all this in context, I have always hated my nose. It was never particularly bad, so everyone said, but to me I absolutely hated it and felt my confidence drain away whenever I met anyone new. I smacked my face on the handlebars of my bike aged about 9 and ever since, have had a pronounced bump on my bridge. What made my nose even harder to deal with was that I knew if I’d been more careful, I’d have maintained the perfect little nose of my dreams. My sister has always had a tiddy little nose with a slim point and a little ski slope to it, and I used to always be jealous.

For years I’d investigated ways to fix my nose; from furiously contouring it to within an inch of its life all the way through to having consultations with rhinoplasty surgeons. Neither really filled me with any sense of satisfaction; there’s only so much you can contour a nose, and the idea of forking out £4k for someone to take a chisel to the bridge of my nose didn’t exactly thrill me.

Surgery did seem to be the only option, but after youtubing Rhinoplasty experience stories for days on end, I realised almost every single person got the same copy-and-pasted, too-small Kardashian nose. Almost all also needed revisions, regretted their decision and struggled with everything from breathing to bruising for months after. The concept of waking up after spending thousands of pounds, to potentially hate my nose and not even recognise myself made me feel weird. Facial surgery was out the window.

I then discovered Liquid Rhinoplasty, also known as the non surgical nose job. This was fairly new in the UK at the time (about 5 years ago), long before surgeons considered instagramming before-and-afters. All I had to go off was google images, which were hardly reliable. I then had a really negative experience with lip fillers 3 years later and was pretty much put off the idea of tampering with my face for life. After a botched lip filler with a certified doctor, I felt like i’d really struggle to trust someone with my face ever again.

That’s when I came across Dr Yusra. I’d seen a lot of ‘salons’ beginning to offer Liquid Rhinoplasties, to varying degrees of success. Some looked really good, while others looked like they had noses growing out of their foreheads. I’d promised myself to only go to the absolute best DOCTOR to have my nose fixed; no more half assed professionals or nurses.

Trusting someone to inject a foreign substance in to your face is an enormous ask and I wasn’t about to chance it for the sake of a cheaper rate or a closer journey. I stumbled across Dr Yusra on Instagram and was blown away by her transformation photos. The link to her Instagram is here. She has an enormous Middle Eastern clientele, known for their struggles with larger or more unusually shaped noses. She literally seemingly performed miracles and I failed to see how it could be achieved without surgery. That’s when I knew I had to choose her.

(my before + after)

After I posted my photo post-procedure, there was an element of confusion about the procedure as I know it’s a new concept to a lot of people. It involves no surgery, anaesthesia or cutting of the skin. It isn’t a ‘nose job’ per se, it is actually just strategically placed injections of dermal filler which are used to elevate the skin around the bump of my nose to create a ‘straight’ bridge. It’s incredibly clever. I had around 8 injections, including one in my septum which lifts the entire nose slightly to make the bridge look shorter and add a cute flick to the tip. It costs £395-£475 depending on which brand of filler you use (I went for the more expensive option) and it lasts for around 12 months. Although it’s a shame it isn’t permanent, it’s a fantastic way of trying out the procedure to make sure it’s right for you. It’s completely reversible if you do dislike it, has lower risks than surgery, is instant, has no recovery time and is super affordable in comparison. I think it’s absolutely fantastic and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Anyway, back to the story. I visited Dr Yusra at her Liverpool clinic (she splits her time between Liverpool and London – where she holds masterclasses for other aestheticians) and was immediately at ease. She’s literally one of the sweetest, loveliest women ever. We chatted for ages while she applied numbing cream all over my nose. Then we took before videos and pictures to watch the transformation. Then I lay down on the bed, closed my eyes and within 15 minutes I had the perfect nose.

In terms of pain, I’d rate it 3/10. With the help of the numbing cream, it felt like tiny scratches, I don’t even remember flinching. Dr Yusra was so lovely, apologising for the ‘pain’ throughout, even though I was in no pain at all. The one injection that did hurt was the final one in my septum. Oh my god, that one wasn’t pleasant, my eyes started streaming there, but it only felt like picking a sensitive spot and was only one injection! Don’t let that put you off either, most people don’t even need it.

We had a few drops of filler left, so I asked if I could have it put in my chin. Dr Yusra says that the use of filler is not about improving one area, but about transforming the face to restore balance to the features. She told me that slightly enhancing my chin would bring complete balance to my profile. I also had mentioned earlier on before the procedure began that I had a slight groove in my chin that I wasn’t in love with, so it was the perfect suggestion.

After it all, she handed me a mirror and I was absolutely amazed. My chin had a slight point to it which thinned my jawline and made my face more angular; I was so shocked by how much 0.1ml could achieve! And then my nose. You couldn’t have wiped the smile off my face if you tried. It was the most amazing feeling watching my own insecurities melting away. It was, and is, beautiful.

I went from being a girl who constantly had this lingering lack of confidence to feeling entirely at ease with my appearance in the space of 15 minutes. People treat fillers automatically as indulging in self absorption or being vain or fake, but to do it for the most genuine and humble reasons should be applauded. If you know that a few subtle changes will make your confidence soar, it would be ridiculous not to do it. Be the happiest version of you. It’s not about finding myself attractive, or being vain, I’m just finally comfortable and it’s not hovering over me like a black cloud anymore. I don’t dread group photos or impromptu snaps, I don’t panic about meeting new people and being a ‘disappointment’ in real life, I don’t care about people glancing at me from the side or catching me off guard.

My filler has softened slightly again (I don’t think I absorb it as well as most) so I still have a tiny bump, but I told Dr Yusra that I was happy with that. I just wanted the size of it to soften and the tip to be pointier and lifted and I just love it.

I’m so so happy. So if this has hit home with you, or reminded you of yourself, please look in to it. I’m not being paid to say this or sponsored in any way, I’m just genuinely passionate about my followers getting the best possible treatment and having the best possible outcome. Educate yourself about the procedure, ask me any questions and PLEASE, if you can’t book in with Dr Yusra, be wise and choose a certified doctor with great reviews and a portfolio of before and afters. Your face is precious and should be treated respectfully!

I hope this has helped a lot of you out following my original Instagram post and feel free to ask me anything.

Thanks for reading,

A x



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