November Favourites

I’m sat here, on a flight to New York which I WISH I could be asleep on, but no, my overactive psycho brain simply won’t let me. After a crazy weekend spent in London celebrating Christmas as well as the launch of a new collection with the SLNGHR gang, which comprised of train delays, copious amounts of champagne and not much sleep, I’m well and truly knackered.

Pair that then with a hectic two days getting customers orders out at work, as well as sending packages all over the world to influencers, plus a two-and-a-half hour commute every day, and I feel like I could easily hibernate comfortably in bed until winter thaws into spring.

Silly me then, to book a crazy 5 day visit to New York, with a call time of 3am to the airport, a layover in London, and a flight time of what feels like 20 years. I’m tired, dry eyed and grumpy but couldn’t be more excited to revisit my favourite place in the world, especially to visit my amazing Friend to celebrate her birthday and get really festive!

But back to the cause; I’m wide awake on my 10 hour flight and thought I’d make use of it instead of watching Modern Family re-runs for the 100th time, and give you a November Favourites blog post of everything I’ve fallen in love with in the month of November. From skincare (what else do you expect from me) to clothing and any little random extras I can think of, here’s what I’ve been loving this past month.


I’m going to do a full review post on Glossier as soon as I’m back from NYC; the only reason I haven’t done so already is I’m actually planning to visit the flagship store in the city, try even more products, buy even more products, and give you a full overview of the brand.

So this will be a pretty quick summary but let me just say, their products are AMAZING! So far I have tried:

Milk Jelly Cleanser – £15.00 (already upgraded to my number 1)

Priming Moisturiser Rich – £29.00 (again, incredible!)

Boy Brow – £14.00 (this shit saves lives!)

Birthday BalmDotCom – £10.00 (delicious!)

Generation G Lipstick in Cake – £14.00 (such a pretty nude)

Glossier You Fragrance – £45.00 (one of my new favourite smells)

and last but not least…

Lip Gloss – £11.00 (My new Holy Grail product!!!)

So in summary, Glossier is absolutely amazing and has been not only my new favourite cosmetics brand this month, but also given me a whole host of new favourite products, too.

DKNY Nectar Love – £40.00 – The Fragrance Shop

So I was sent this Perfume as part of a PR list a few months ago and kinda left it to one side. A few weeks ago I saw it on my counter and decided to try it and fell in love with it immediately! I absolutely love the sweet honey scent; it’s not too sugary, more fresh, and tied in perfectly with Autumn. It smells honestly amazing – I always gravitate to fresher scents over anything too sickly or floral and this is absolutely perfect for me. I can’t wait to wear it again in summer as it’s such a versatile fragrance for all seasons. Between that and the Glossier You Fragrance, it’s pretty much all I’ve been wearing this past month and have received so many compliments on it!

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation – £32.00 – Selfridges

I’ve been lucky enough this month to stumble over this product and find my new Holy Grail Foundation, and that’s a BIG claim. Creamy and moisturising whilst offering a fairly matte finish, without drying or peeling the skin, this Foundation is actually pretty miraculous. For girls who prefer a more natural finish, steer clear, as it is a bit heavier than most foundations and dries down quite a lot, but for anyone looking for airbrushed, filtered, HD perfected skin that covers everything from bruising to acne to redness, this is your girl. I apply with a beauty blender in bouncing/tapping motions, adding 2-3 thin layers over problem areas and 1 layer everywhere else. I barely need to set with powder, barely need to conceal, and barely need to filter my photos, it’s actually godly. I can hear you all frantically going to checkout as I type!

VanityPlanet 4-in-1 Spin Brush – £70.00 – VanityPlanet

I haven’t mentioned this product so far but I’ve been testing it for the past 2 months and it’s literally incredible. I’ve been watching YouTube gurus for years talk about the Clairisonic Mia Spin Brush, saying how it transformed their skin, faded scars, cancelled out spots and gave them a glow, but I could never justify hundreds on a Beauty tool.Then I found out about Vanity Planet after seeing a few videos of people using it as an alternative, so I got in touch with the brand to try it.All I can say is it’s incredible. As someone who suffers with mild chest acne (I know, gross), the larger body brush made all the scarring from summer fade away, whilst also shrinking my pores to prevent future freak outs. The daily face brush and the exfoliating face brush have smoothed out all the textural imperfections I’ve struggled with on my face and really helped to illuminate my skin! The body brush is even brilliant for preventing ingrown hairs posy shave, for sloughing away pls fake tan and fading the bumpy skin on the back of my arms.All round, this product is absolutely amazing and so so good for a fraction of the price of other tools. This usually retails for £72.00, but after speaking to Vanity Planet and being so impressed by the product myself, they’ve offered to offer a 70% discount to the product to anyone who shops from my link! HOW generous is that?! So if you’d like to read a little more about the product and closing the discount, just click the Vanity Planet blue title link above and you can shop away!

Korres Santorini Body Milk – £10.00 – Zest

I’m literally the worst person in the world at body care. You’ll know by now I’m the skincare freak but as soon as you pass my neck I’m out. I’m suuuuper lazy when it comes to moisturising my skin, which is so bad for me because I’m so so sooo dry. I also use fake tan which dries out the skin even pore, but for some reason (probably the temperature) I’m straight out the shower and straight into my pyjamas without moisturising, every single night. This body milk came in a subscription box a couple of months back and I found it in a drawer and figured I’d give it a go. It’s actually beautiful. What I hate about moisturising my body is that tacky, sticky feeling everywhere; it makes my skin crawl. But this is literally gone as soon as it’s rubbed in. Super absorbent, delicious smelling and also really incredible on my skin; this product is so lovey to use. It makes my skin incredibly soft and nourished, so much so I’ve even used it on my face a few times. Love love love!

Vita Liberata

At the start of last month, Vita Liberata were kind enough to send me a lovely care package of their bestselling products; their Phenomenal 3 Week Tan, Body Blur, 10 Minute Tan and Trystal Bronzer.I couldn’t be more grateful for their generosity, especially since i was about to purchase them myself while on the hunt for the perfect fake tan.I haven’t tried the 10 minute Tan yet, but I’m in love with the rest of the collection and am a total VL convert! The Body Blur – £29.95 – is instant tanning makeup, used backstage at Victoria’s Secret shows to give that bronzed, sun kissed, flawless glow all over. It blurs cellulite, bruises, dull skin and imperfections and gives the skin a healthy, tanned glow.The Trystal Bronzer – £25.00 – is my new go-to for carving out and contouring my cheekbones; it’s the perfect cooler brown that mimics shadows beautifully. I’m not sold on their claim that it also tans the face over time, but even as a Bronzer it’s the perfect shade for me whilst not going cakey or muddy – I love it!Then on to the Phenomenal 3 Week Tan – £37.50. I loveeee this stuff. I can’t say it lasts for 3 weeks but I can get a solid 10 days out of it, whereas most tans only last 5 days or so with me, so this is a real lifesaver! It’s a really rich tan colour as soon as it comes out the bottle and is the ONLY tan I’ve ever been able to use both as a gradual and an instant tan. I can literally apply it in a morning and let it develop all day; most tans are usually far too streaky/dirty looking to do this and must be developed overnight to have the guide colour washed off in the morning. This is so far the only tan I’ve found that has a wearable guide colour; I love it! It also blends really flawlessly, offers a great natural colour, obviously lasts for weeks and doesn’t smell or streak at all. The one downside is it takes multiple layers to get a dark tan; I have to wear 2-3 layers to achieve a normal tan. I do double it up with the body blur in the evenings though to go really really dark! I’ve had so many compliments on my tan recently and these products, paired with my Holy Grail Tan Luxe Tanning Drops are my secret to bronzed skin in winter.

Lost Ink Pearl Slide Trainers – £16.00 – ASOS

So in my last post from my Winter Wishlist, you’ll know I wanted a pair of smart, clean cut, boxy white trainers. I basically bought almost everything on my Wishlist, bar the handbag and Gucci belt, just in time for New York. One of my favourite items were these trainers. They’re so so comfortable and really add a Sports-Luxe twist to every outfit. I pair them with leather pants, an oversized sweater and my new fur coat most days. They’re so comfy and versatile and I can’t believe the price of them, on sale from £40.00 down to £16.00. I recommend going up an entire shoe size in them though, they’re pretty tiny!

H&M Cashmere

Again, I said in my last post I wanted Cashmere EVERYTHING this winter, so I made sure to snap up my Wishlist treats this Black Friday. I bought Soft Grey Kids Cashmere Joggers, a Bow Wrist Soft Grey Ribbed Cashmere Jumper (currently out of stock) and a Camel Cashmere Turtleneck, all from H&M.The joggers are actually for kids, I wear them in a size 10-11yrs (I wanted them fitted, plus knitwear always expands when worn) and the grey jumper matches it beautifully. It’s baby-soft and feels amazing on my skin, it’s just so snuggly and comfortable. In fact, it’s what I’m wearing now! You’ll never catch me travelling in anything other than loungewear; I get so uncomfortable in normal clothes on long haul flights so always opt for something Soft, cozy and stretchy so it’s one less thing to worry about. That being said, I still want to look well put-together and fashionable and this outfit does so perfectly in my very humble opinion! Pair it with a baseball cap to hide my enormous eye bags, plus my comfy Yeezys and fur coat to brace the New York chill and there’s my perfect travel outfit!

Itsu Vegan Gyoza

Random I know, but I always love reading or watching favourites posts that aren’t just all fashion/beauty related. So on to my new favourite culinary discovery; Itsu Vegan Gyoza. I’m not even remotely Vegan, but these dumplings are literally insane. Plus, I am trying to eat less meat just for health and environmental reasons; a lot of land is needed for farming meat and it’s a shame that deforestation is occurring just to increase farmland for livestock to graze. Also, more studies recently have shown a correlation between excess meat consumption and a number of nasty health problems, so although I’ll probably never cut out meat, I’m happy to stumble across such good vegan option that helps make a little difference! I absolutely adore Asian food, especially Japanese and Chinese, and these are easily the nicest dumplings I’ve ever tried. I was sat in the airport before, right in front of an Itsu at 6am, contemplating if it was acceptable to eat dumplings for breakfast. I chickened out and now I’m sat on this plane at lunchtime it’s literally ALL I can think about; my mouth is watering so bad!


I know this album came out a couple of months back but I still have the whole thing on repeat almost every day! It’s the first album since More Life that I’ve listened to from start to finish and I’m obsessed with almost every song. It’s the perfect kind of rap for me; mellow and catchy and cool all at once. It’s pretty different to anything that’s been done before and I love Young Thug for it, I think he’s a genius. Only thing is, don’t google the lyrics, it’s some of the most vulgar shit I’ve come across in my life, LMAO! But aside from that, the melodies are amazing and it’s my favourite album still after 2 months of listening.

And that’s everything that I’ve been hooked on in the month of November! I’m now gonna try to fall asleep on this flight for the next few hours and stop thinking about Gyoza!

Let me know if you liked my favourites post and what you’d like to see next on my blog.

As always, thanks for reading.

A x


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