My Winter Wishlist

So we’ve recently turned the page into the start of a new season, and with it comes a new set of goals for me. I want to start posting on here so much more often again, I literally have no excuses, but sometimes I find myself slipping in to a creative slump and don’t not really knowing how to get out of it. So I’ve got a long list of blog posts planned and I’m just going to sit down and start writing again.

I wanted to do a post about What’s On My Wishlist this Winter because usually you only ever see my style after the purchase has been made; so I’d love to share with you the items I’ve got my eye on or that are lingering in my various internet baskets, waiting for my next pay cheque to come through!

Autumn and Winter are without doubt my favourite seasons for fashion. Don’t get me wrong, balmy summer European nights are my absolute favourites for weather, food, atmosphere, even serotonin levels. But fashion, fashion comes alive when the temperature drops. As soon as September hits I’m more than happy to trade in camisoles and bikinis for chunky knits and every type of coat/jacket/blazer/trench imaginable.

I find Winter clothing so much more comfortable and love just being snuggled up under layers and layers of fabric. Accessories pop more, outfit structures, textures and layering become more creative and I find myself feeling very British and even more proud of it than usual. As soon as the first darker, frostier morning of October hits, I suddenly become obsessed with living in the countryside; with all the cute little coffee shops and pubs, the cosy open fireplaces and long stretches of woods to walk the dogs in. I definitely also associate Autumn and Winter with fashion because I’m almost always abroad for my birthday. New York last year (and this year for Winter!) and Paris the year before; I just find myself drawn even more so to clothing as soon as the season transitions!

What a rose tinted ramble from me, glamourising the beauty of Winter! In reality we all know it consists of random downpours, hair in your lipgloss on a windy day, gorging yourself with chocolate for the next 3 months, defrosting your windscreen with your credit card whilst your fingers go blue as you rush to work, putting on at least a stone from eating roast dinners alone and cursing every fucker you know who’s in a happy adorable relationship and being swept off to picturesque Winter Wonderlands, as you eat Ben and Jerry’s out the tub, watching Bridget Jones, with 3 weeks of hairy legs, wondering where it all went wrong… I’m not bitter at all, don’t mind me.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but as much as I love Autumn and Winter, it has its downfalls too. Nothing that a little bit of retail therapy can’t fix! So here’s what’s on my Winter Wishlist, compiled of Clothing, Footwear, Bags and Accessories, of the items I’m lusting after most this season!

Fur Coat

I’ve been desperate for a statement fur coat and decided to treat myself this year to one in this stunning camel colour. I’ve always loved fur coats since being a little girl; both my grandmothers and my Auntie has a soft, snuggly statement fur and I was handed down a vintage fur when my Grannie passed away in February.

I think a fur coat, when cared for correctly, can be worn for decades and is a treasured iconic item that can be passed down to my future daughter if I have one. I think it’s a completely classic item and gives any outfit, from cozy black loungewear, to jeans and a shirt, to a full blown gown, a real statement. Here are a few fur coats I’ve had my eye on recently:

Fur Jacket – Camel – Maison De Beauté – £350.00

Faux Fur Jacket – Brown – H&M – £69.99

Missguided Peace + Love Hooded Fur Coat – Cream – WAS £120.00, NOW £96.00

On to more realistic things….

Black Turtlenecks

As soon as the first frost of Winter hits, you’ll find me in my black turtleneck tops. I do love thin turtleneck jumpers, but I love H&M’s long sleeved top style as they’re thinner, meaning I can layer them up with other items. I feel like my sense of style is taking a much more classic twist; I just absolutely love denim jeans, crisp white shirts and plain knitwear! Turtlenecks go with absolutely everything and in my opinion, add a touch of class to any outfit, no matter how mundane they are. They’re so Parisian, I just love them and am going to stock up on a few in both black and white. I love simple tops as I usually try to go for more elaborate outerwear (like above) as I just love a statement coat or jacket.

Black Turtleneck Top – H&M – £8.99


Whilst I’m still on the ‘I’m a classy Parisian Bitch’ vibe, I’d love to invest in some amazing quality cashmere. As much as I love fast fashion and will always be a high street girl at heart, I am finding that as the fast fashion industry booms, the quality and workmanship going into items of clothing is plummeting. I am more wary of quality over quantity these days, however it’s a balancing act. I do think the high street differs from fast fashion online and do find the quality from the likes of H&M, Mango and Zara to still be really consistent, however Asos, PLT and Misguided etc have all been a bit of a let down for me recently. Anyway, I digress. My point is, I’m noticing more and more that I’d rather buy fewer items of a higher quality than mass buy whatever is ‘trendy’ at the time. And that’s why cashmere appeals to me so much.

I’m absolute hoarder when it comes to knitwear in general; knitwear and outerwear are my two absolute weaknesses. Cashmere used to be one of those fabrics that was hard to come by with an affordable price tag. Think £2-300 for a plain fine knit jumper from anywhere. However, high street stores like my one true loves Zara & H&M, as well as John Lewis, are beginning to stock affordably priced cashmere, ranging from £65-100, making it so much easier to invest in quality. Cashmere is so unbelievably soft and is truly worth the investment. I can’t wait to buy a few cashmere loungewear items; jumpers, hoodies and a pair of extra cozy cashmere joggers, and just hibernate in them all Winter!

Cashmere Polo Neck – Beige – H&M – £79.99

Cashmere Jumper – Grey – H&M – £79.99

Cashmere Joggers – Grey – H&M – £69.99

Gucci Monogram Belt

I know every blogger under the Sun has one and they’re cliche as fuck but the Gucci Monogram Waist Belt has become a cult hit for a reason. It’s so clean and alleviates any outfit from average to really well structured and put together with just a strap of leather and gold. I cinch my waist with belts quite a lot as it’s one of my favourite features but I find myself longing for the iconic GG on the buckle. Am I gonna get it? Eventually. Does waiting 2 months on a waiting list for my size put me off? Yes it bloody does. But it’s simply stunning, so versatile and can be worn with every outfit imaginable from high waisted shorts and a bikini top to over the top of a black blazer at dinner. Its timeless.

Gucci Women’s Monogram Waist Belt – – £320.00

Over Knee Flat Boots

Can I just say I WISH I was one of those girls who could function in heels. Don’t get me wrong, I can hobble through a full night out in a pair of 5″ lace up sandals, but I mean one of those hardcore powerful women who stride around in pristine heels all. damn. day. It doesn’t matter if they’re courts, sandals or boots; if I have to endure more than a miles walk all day in a pair of heels, my poor feet would be in absolute shreds. Tell me your secrets you mythical women, how do you do it?! So for me, my mission is to find amazing flat shoes without the hassle/pain/blood/tears of hobbling in heels, without sacrificing my style. It is definitely easier in Winter with so many boots to choose from. I have a few pairs of over knee heeled boots but I’m on the hunt for a flat pair. I’ve seen both these stunning pairs in Zara recently and I’m really tempted! Let me know which ones you’d pick!

Track Sole Flat Over Knee Boots – Zara – £59.99

Flat Crepe Boots – Zara – £29.99

White Dress Trainers

Again, following my last choice, I’m always on the hunt for comfortable shoes that don’t sacrifice a stylish outfit. I think dressy white trainers add a classic sporty edge to any outfit and can be paired with anything from cozy loungewear to a blazer and leather pants. There’s a few different pairs I’m obsessed with; my favourites are really paired back and minimal, but I think the Kenzo’s chunky sole has my heart even though it is sadly sold out EVERYWHERE.

Kenzo Wave Sneakers – White – Farfetch – £215.00

Alexander McQueen Low Cut Embellished Sneakers – White & Grey – Farfetch – £550.00

Alexander McQueen Low Cut Lace Up Sneakers – White & Red – Farfetch – £360.00

Blazer Dress

I love this look at the moment of a oversized, tailored blazer with a cinched waist, stockings and barely there heels. It gives off 80’s power suit vibes; I love the masculine boxy outline with really feminine details like a plunging neckline and the lacy stockings. Ive tried on a few recently and haven’t managed to find the right one, but this is the look I’m going for. Please comment below with suggestions of where to look.

Dress Blazer with Belt – Zara – £95.99

Black Crossbody Bag

Almost everything in my wardrobe is bought on the high street; I think affordable clothing is so important! I simply couldn’t afford to buy designer clothes, even with a salary triple mine, simply because I go through trends so fast that it would be a stupid thing to chuck money at. However, my vice for designer items has always been bags. Theres something about designer bags that does it for me; I remember being about 13 years old and looking at my Auntie’s extravagant handbag collection. Chanel, Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton. She had handbags, in pristine condition, that were 25 years old. She treated them with such care, getting them repaired, mended, cleaned and maintained, that it really proved to me what a good investment an expensive handbag can be. For me, it’s not about having thousands of luxury items, it’s about having a few key pieces and taking care of them for life.

So with that in mind, I’ve always loved a designer bag. I have 2 amazing day bags, a Givenchy Antigona and a YSL Sac Du Jour, plus a stunning gold YSL clutch, however I really need a smaller black cross body bag. I’m all about matching when it comes to heels and handbags, and literally ALL my heels are black, so a black bag is a must. The YSL Sunset has stolen my heart recently (I absolutely adore YSL bags) but here’s the few I’ve been lusting over!

Saint Laurent Sunset Wallet – Black – Farfetch – £1,050.00

Saint Laurent Sunset Studded Bag – Black – Farfetch- £1,540.00

Balenciaga Metallic Suede Nano City Bag – Black Suede – Farfetch- £965.00

Louis Vuitton Alma BB – Black Epi Leather – Louis Vuitton £1,070.00

And that’s everything! Here’s my Winter Wishlist for the upcoming frosty months. Hopefully I’ll be able to tick everything off my list soon and post a big fat haul for you to read and find out what I eventually chose to get. I’m also considering setting up a YouTube too as I know my blog is so so long to read sometimes; plus I’ve been a massive YouTube junkie for the past 7 years so may as well join in. Let me know what you think and as always, thanks for reading.


A x


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