Quick Outfit Of The Day

So yesterday I went in to Manchester to go to a meeting and run some errands. I had a bit of extra time on my hands so for once I managed to get ready, do my hair and makeup and style an outfit around a shirt I bought recently from Zara.

Anyway long story short, after a really positive meeting and cancelled plans from my boo Beth I accidentally fell in to Zara again on the way home and bought even more stuff. In my favour, they’ve just released a tonne of new designs for the start of Autumn (the most fashionable season of the year) so it was in my best interest to check it out. Or so I tell myself so I don’t cry at how much I’ve spent…

I swear to God Zara online is like a baron wasteland; it’s impossible to find ANYTHING, they use lanky models doing weird poses so the clothes hang limply off them like they’re fucking mannequins and the search feature quite literally ruins my life. It took me 20 minutes to find the Shirt Dress I’m wearing now to tag it! Why is Woman & TRF separated?! Why can’t I find any normal clothes?! Why is everything made of silk, embossed with a fucking garden of wildlife and look like it fits a basketball player?

But then Zara in store. Oh, it’s just beautiful. It’s like stumbling across The Lost City of Atlantis. Everything looks absolutely incredible, fabrics are soft and cozy and smooth, and the store seemingly goes on forever. The fact you can only go in to the fitting rooms with a maximum of 10 items is like the modern day cock block for clothing. I wade in with literal armfuls and tragically, everything looks beautiful. So even more tragically, I walk out having bought about 1000 items and having spent £300. Plus my arm hurts like fuck from carrying round 35 items with the heaviest bloody hangers on this planet. But it’s all worth it for pretty clothes.

So anyway, I digress. I bought this shirt dress with the intention of keeping it to wear as a dress (it’s actually a lot longer, I just pulled up the hem to style this outfit), but I couldn’t resist not wearing it.

I belted it at the waist to create a slim waistline, making the ruffles feather out to mimic a peplum shape, which I thought added extra detail. The knot belt I used is an old one from Asos but I linked a very similar one below.

I then wore simple coated leather-look trousers and my favourite Perspex heels, finishing off with sleek hair, black sunglasses and my favourite Saint Laurent bag!

I think this shirt dress is really versatile; paired with a pair of nude court heels and buttoned to the neck, it makes a beautiful billowing dress, but can also be worn relaxed or belted to make it a top that changes an average outfit into something more tailored. I can’t wait to wear it again differently.

All the items are tagged below for you to find.

Zara White Shirt Dress – XS – £29.99

Glamorous Wrap Knot Belt – £8.00

Missguided Petite Coated Skinny Jeans – Size 6 – £25.00

Public Desire Alia Strappy Perspex Heels – Size 3 – £29.99

Let me know in the comments section below what you’re loving from Zara now the Autumn season has begun, as well as what posts you’d like to see next on the blog.

Thanks for reading.

A x


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