Lash Extension First Impressions

So on Friday I went to Eclipse in Euxton and got lash extensions for the first time from the lovely Jorden. I’ve previously only ever had LVL (permed and tinted lashes) done before so I was hesitant to try then, especially after hearing some horror stories from girls about their natural lashes all falling out or pulling them off after getting irritated eyes.

Jorden approached me a few months ago asking to do my lashes and I felt like I was in safe hands. She’s so sweet and we just chat about everything, it’s 2 hours of non stop talking about makeup, holidays and obviously Love Island. 

One of my biggest concerns was my natural lashes being damaged. I’ve got pretty long and thick lashes naturally, so I was worried about pulling them out or weakening them. I’ve been told that as long as I look after them properly (I’ll share the care tips below) and don’t pick or fuss with them, they should cause no damage and last for around 3 weeks before I need an infill.

I asked Jorden for really natural lashes, just with a bit more curl and volume, and she did an amazing job. I love them!

She specialises in Semi Permanent Individual 1:1 lashes, and she gave me a really wispie natural cat eye shape using 8-13mm (length) 0.15 thickness individual hairs with a mix of C & CC curl. The lashes she uses are silk lashes, no mink hairs are used, so they’re 100% cruelty free and aren’t subject to animal testing which is really important for me.

For a full set of lashes, it costs £30.00 and takes approx 2 hours and infills cost £22.00 and take approx 1 hour.

Her tips for aftercare are:

  • Don’t get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours
  • Avoid any oils or oil based products around the eye area when wearing lash extensions
  • Gently wash your lashes daily with a soft clean eyeshadow brush and baby soap to keep them free from debris and bacteria.
  • Brush your lashes with a spoolie or lash comb daily.
  • Avoid mascara and kohl eyeliner.
  • Don’t curl your eyelashes (I’m obsessed with my curlers so I’m really struggling!)
  • Try not to touch or rub your eyes.
  • If you do want them removing, don’t pick them off, just book in to have the glue dissolved!

I do wake up in the morning with 1-2 hairs falling out but your lashes do shed naturally so I’m told this is completely normal. You have around 120-150 lashes on each eye at once so it’s recommended you get infills around every 3 weeks to keep your lashes looking healthy and full!

I’m a complete convert and absolutely adore my lashes! I thought they’d be really heavy and irritate my eyes but I’m so pleasantly surprised and will definitely be going back for infills soon. I feel so much more confident wearing no makeup with my lashes done, it feels like I look like I’ve made an effort even though I’m being a lazy slob which is always handy!

Jorden has kindly offered all my followers 10% off lash extensions for a limited time when you quote ‘ALICE10’ upon booking, so it’s a nice way of trying them out! Be sure to check out Jordan’s Social Media pages here:

Lashes by Jorden Facebook Page
Lashes by Jorden Instagram Page
Let me know what you think of my lashes!

Thanks for reading.

A x

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