Bout a Week Ago…

Last week, my two girls Laura and Beth and I planned a last minute girls night to Manchester. We booked a hotel on, which long story short didn’t actually get booked, we had a fun half hour call to customer services with the WORST hold music in the world, bailed on the hotel concept, made it to our friend Emily’s house and finally got the night started.

When we got there we were cornered by a group of lads at a flat party who were very drunk and creepy, that we eventually threatened to pepper spray (we were joking but seriously you know the feeling). They pushed through into Emily’s flat to join in our party which was pretty fucking weird, but we managed to politely get rid and start getting ready.

Beth had no outfit, forgot her makeup brushes and had no shoes (she found her brushes as we were ready to leave, typical). She did however bring teabags and porridge in a suitcase fit for a gap year. Laura acted as a makeup rental service and was designated eyelash gluer, and we all crowded round Emily’s tiny bedroom light like fucking moths so we could see what we were doing. We drank vodka lemonade out of mugs before going to the most expensive part of Manchester. Pretty ironic.

We’d almost written off the night after such bad luck but we got ready, got an uber and had an amazing time playing in the bathtub at Menagerie and getting used as weights in a bench pressing competition outside LIV at 3am (don’t ask).

I got a tonne of messages about my outfit that I wore, so I figured I’d write a quick post about where everything was from and how you can get the look.

As you all know I love a good pair of pants. These grey SLNGHR Waist Tie Wide Leg Pants were new on that day and are £45.00. I love SLNGHR as a brand as their designs are fantastic quality, using thick, flattering materials while still being affordable. The brand is owned by Instagram power couple Jwshua & Anna Maria, and I love supporting their brand as their designs are really unique and I just love how much thought Anna Maria puts into each look she styles and wears – it always inspires me to dress more creatively.

Unfortunately, the style in grey is currently sold out (still available in both sage & bright green), but if you go to their website and enter your email at the bottom, they’ll alert you when there’s a restock, which happens quite often. I always check Anna or Josh’s Insta Stories as they announce restocks and releases on there too!

Sign Up For Release Updates Here

I’m wearing a scoop back baby pink Cami Bodysuit from Missguided. It’s made of slinky high-shine material so It’s really flattering, but unfortunately I bought it last summer so it’s no longer available. I’ve linked a similar Bodysuit below so you can recreate the look.

Topshop Baby Pink Bodysuit – £18.00

I wore this look with my gold YSL snake clutch and a thin diamond choker I bought on EBay. You can buy it below.

Diamond Choker Necklace – £2.99 (seriously cheaper than anywhere else!!)

I had such a good night with my girl squad and loved my outfit and you all seemed to agree on Instagram! Let me know what you think in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.

A x


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