H&M Haul

I’m the first person to admit I have a bit of a thing for online shopping. I rarely ever physically shop. I’m lazy AF, my back aches after half an hour and I hate that glance of judgement you get when you walk in to the changing rooms with 43 items when the maximum is 10 (literally who invented a maximum??).

I also hate the feeling you get when you realise that the nicely styled outfit you put on to waltz around Manchester in isn’t changing room friendly (i.e tight leather pants, a turtleneck bodysuit, lace up boots – we’ve all been there). Plus there’s that lovely neon lighting which highlights your enormous pores and shit figure to contend with.

So I buy pretty much everything online. A few days ago, in a dramatic payday frenzy, I placed a pretty big order on H&M. One of those orders where you know you shouldn’t really be spending that much money on July 1st, but you just think  ‘Fuck it, hopefully I’ll hate half of it, so I can send it back and get to keep some money’ and click the big button.

Thankfully for my bank account, I made a dick of myself and ordered 2 of almost everything by accident. I’m a bit relieved and a bit embarrassed for being so clumsy, but life goes on, at least I can return it all.

So on to the haul. I know a lot of people have mixed thoughts on H&M, but I’ve always liked the quality of their clothes and I do like some of their styles. They’re great for basics like vest tops and loungewear, I really like their designs for holiday fashion and in their Trend and Studio collections, they do some pretty unique designs.

They also somehow have the Rights to sell self-designed band merch, with everyone from Justin Bieber to Metallica, Kiss and Led Zeppelin being featured. I’m a massive Emo at heart and loving the grungy look that’s fashionable again at the moment, so I’m really in to their range of designs.

Here’s what I bought.

Skin Jersey Vest Top – Black & Grey – £9.99

One of my go-to looks is a knotted loose vest top and I desperately needed a restock. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find vests that are made from a material that hangs well and doesn’t cut you at an unflattering angle. Most vests are usually way too stiff or structured and don’t have that ‘flowing’ look to them, so when I come across a good vest I buy a few. I love the drop armholes and the raw hem of these tops – they remind me of old rocker vests.

Wide Blue Satin Trousers – £29.99

These are unfortunately Out of Stock at the moment but they’ll be back in stock soon as I have 2 pairs to return! You already know I have an obsession with trousers, hence why they caught my eye. They’re definitely an acquired taste and they do have a pyjama-y vibe about them. My thought process when I bought them was that they could make a nice evening outfit and would be a good holiday item but I’m not really feeling them. I like my pants to be floor length (I have a thing with toes) and they just look a bit like I’ve rushed from my nap to a night out, which usually is the case, but I don’t like people knowing it from my outfit…

Wide Navy Suit Trousers – £39.99 50% Off Now £18.99

Again, goes without saying really. I bought them because I just really like pants! These also had me in 2 minds but with a white bralet and a diamond choker, I thought these could make a nice evening look. I’m fussy as fuck with my pants and it takes a lot to really wow me and these just didn’t. I liked the idea of them being slightly slouchy and they reminded me of a ‘boyfriend’ cut, but I just don’t find them that flattering. The crotch was too low and they were just a bit loose and weird. Not a fan so back they go!

Metallic Textured Dress – £12.99 Now £8.49

I have a similar dress in black that I bought from H&M last year for my trip to Greece. Aaand it was on sale which makes me justify buying almost anything. I love the colour and metallic texture but the neckline is just weird and it’s way too loose around the waist. It’s just 100% ugly and frumpy on me and unfortunately not similar at all to last years style. Whomp whomp.

Metallica Red Vest – £12.99

I just loved this. I thought it might look bomb with my red SLNGHR pants that i’ll be writing about soon. I’m so obsessed with band tees; for some reason I just love looking like a misunderstood 15 year old emo.

Black Track Jumpsuit – £17.99 Now £12.99

I have a bit of a thing for loungewear and this looked very me. I’ve been looking for a one piece because it’s basically like being in a massive babygro and this jumpsuit caught my eye with the sport inspired stripes. The fit is amazing and I love how it’s backless, which means braless, which means it’s basically the most comfortable thing ever. I absolutely love it, mostly because it makes me look mildly athletic.

Short Tiered Strappy Top – £24.99

I wasn’t sure if this was a bit too girlie for me but I actually really like it. I thought it would be a good ‘nice top’ for that ‘jeans and a nice top’ dress code that you never know what the fuck to wear for. The 3 buttons on the back are a nice detail and it makes my boobs look good and for that reason alone it’s worth it!

And that’s everything that I bought! Just for reference I purchased everything in a size XS or 6. I’ll try and post a few different outfit combos from my new items that I’m keeping and get some looks together for you. Hope you enjoyed reading.

A x

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