The Trouser Series: Look 1

To any of my readers migrating from Instagram, you’ll be well aware by now that I have a bit of a thing for pants. Bright pants, printed pants, flared pants, frilly pants. You name it, I’ve got a pair, or my wardrobe-sharing bestie Charlotte does. 

I used to be an undisputed girlie girl. I even remember once boasting “Oh My God, I’ve never gone on a night out in a pair of trousers!” How times have changed. Aside from the many qualities that wearing a pair of pants has (i.e. no leg shaving, comfortable underwear, warm legs in winter, sucking in a bloated tummy, not being scared of flashing your vagina in public) they’re also just fashionable AF right now and I’m a big fan.

And funnily enough, a lot of you seem to agree with me, as after transitioning from midi skirts and mini dresses to a solid pair of pants, I’ve received more compliments than ever on the looks I’ve created. I’ve also answered a tonne of messages about where I’ve purchased each pair from, so I felt it best to share them with you, one pant at a time.

These AQAQ Black flared pants were my first major trouser investment. I’d been after a pair like these for sooooo long, you know the type. High waisted, flattering, skinny at the thigh but flared from the knee out, but most importantly, touching the floor to create an elongated silhouette. I wanted to look fresh out of the 70’s and it took a long time to find something that had the quality I’d been searching frantically for.

I know that cheaper alternatives were available but this time, I wanted real quality. That being said I did have a little cry spending £110 on these but I do think they’re a wardrobe staple and I’ll wear the crap out of them, especially in Winter.

I’m wearing a size 4, their smallest size, so I’d recommend going down a size if you want that flattering, sucked-in hourglass shape.

The exact trousers are unfortunately Out of Stock at the moment but they do an almost identical style that you can buy here:

AQAQ Berriman High Waist Trousers – £110.00

Misguided and PLT do great cheaper alternatives here:

Missguided Tall Black Flare Trousers – £28.00

PrettyLittleThing Black Jersey Flared Trousers – £12.00

I styled this look with a black lycra Sports Bra from Primark of all places. Imagine my pride writing that when I’d thrown £110 at a pair of fucking trousers and then spent £2.50 on a two pack of granny bras, one black, one white (worn in my next post, cringe again!) But again, I got a load of compliments on these little crop tops, and it goes to show that with the right styling, almost anything can be made to look fashionable and well designed.

You can buy basically this exact bra from Amazon here:

Black Seamless Sports Bra – £1.37 (this is no joke people)

I draped over Charlotte’s Studio The Label Rose Embellished Stud Leather Jacket, which is unfortunately now sold out. When we went to New York for my 21st Birthday last year, she got stopped at least 3 times about this jacket. The quality is outstanding and it’s one of our favourite go to ‘over the shoulder’ leather jackets as it’s such an eye catcher.

Boohoo and ASOS both do very similar styles here:

Bethia Premium Embroidered Studded Biker Jacket – £40.00

ASOS Premium Leather Jacket with Floral Embroidery – 50% Off – Now £100.00

I hope this helps any of you girls on the hunt for that staple first pair of pants to get your trouser roster on the way up to my standards! Let me know what you think of my first fashion post in the comments below or if you have any recommendations for my next pair of fancy pants.

Thanks for reading.

A x

1 Comment

  1. Hi Alice, love your blog!!
    I was just on AQAQ’s website trying to order the flare leg trousers. But due to the high custom fees ill be paying (Im located inn Toronto) I don’t want to get a pair that I don’t love!
    So, Im trying to find out the difference between the:
    Carter High Waist Trousers
    Berriman High Waist Trousers

    The ones you have are the Carter, Imm assuming?! Would you say they are sexy/stretchy/snug fit? Fit for a petite girl


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