My First Blog Post

In the midst of an existential funk, after leaving a job that was making me miserable and as a way of diverting my gaze from my mind-numbingly boring CV, I’ve decided to start a blog.

I’ve done this many times, as a natural writer and a lover of creative escapism. I’ve signed up, fannied around with fancy themes for half an hour, struggled to string an articulate sentence together and logged off. Intermittently I would post a ‘What I’m eating today’ (some shitty salad that I literally never eat) or do a makeup post trying to hide every dirty half used tube of concealer and replace it with some overpriced piece of shit I’d only used once.

I once recommended a floaty metallic midi skirt from Net-A-Porter that cost about £450. I ain’t buying that any time soon. Oh and I’d swear, a lot. And I’d write in a way that made me sound witty and hilarious but didn’t reflect me or my personality at all.

So this time I thought I’d be real. I sat down and in the midst of my hazy quarter life crisis I figured I might as well jot some stuff down and have an online ramble; what else is there to do when you’re unemployed and on the brink of a panic attack every 3 minutes…

This time I’d like to invest a lot more time in to my blog. I’d like to talk the way I sound in real life, write about the products I genuinely use and the things I genuinely care about. Yes that might be a £5 moisturiser or a £1,000 handbag, I don’t really know what to expect either. But after getting so much brilliant feedback on my Instagram account for my alternative style of photography and my unique grainy filter, for all the lovely messages I get about my inspirational posts on my Stories, and for the growing number of compliments I get about my appearance and my style, I thought I’d share with you my thoughts, opinions and secrets.

They say sharing is caring and I’m the first to ask where an item/outfit is from, and I always do the same for girls who ask me. It’s a dog eat dog world for us girls (and boys too) at the moment and I’d like to help as many girls out as possible with my insight. I see every single day what poor confidence can do to a girls persona and I’d like to think that the more we share our perspectives, our tricks and just be honest and real, the more we can build eachother up and become a lovely little online Girl Gang.

So this time, I’m for real. I even paid £30 for a fucking domain so you don’t need to spell half the alphabet in my URL. So now I’m Alice at The Honey Trap, an online journal all about me.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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